Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fallen Saviors

The Top 2 are from a few years back, but lately I have been wanting to update it, so I did the bottom row last night. :)

Alright- here is the explanation behind this piece. I love drawing images, having people interact showing some type of relationship. I am all about putting feelings behind my artwork (as we all are right?) (that's a given) In this piece I wanted to show that the X-men, no matter how bad-ass they are, are a family no matter what they face. As you see here Wolverine and Storm are sharing a bond. Storm's expression is showing her relieved to see an old friend as she reaches up to him with the look of "yeah, I'm all right" Wolverine always the comforting rough-and-tough, mofo reaches out to his sister-like friend. In the background Colossus is holding Shadowcat. For those who aren't familiar with these characters; Colossus dated Shadowcat. I have him in his flesh form on purpose to show his tender side. She is so fatigued from the battle, with the Sentinel, she has to slump over. Her dragon Lockheed is mourning over her. Lockheed and Shadowcat share their love like a pet and owner. Lockheed touches her hair feeling sorrow. I eventually want to include Nightcrawler in this one to show the religious aspect of it. I'll have him kneeling down away from the rest of the X-men. He'll be holding a cross tightly, between his hands while saying a prayer.

Hoe y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


Blogger lafe said...

excellent composition

10:47 AM  
Blogger chamba said...

ahh the times have a changed

and the skill has adapted

2:51 AM  

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