Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eva Felt the Need to Get Away?

Heya, gang. Huddle up. Here's the deal. I am slowly going through some of my older images and updating them. Here's the link to the original.
OK! Break! Make sure to cross my path so I can give you each a 'good game'. Keep in mind, it's all professional. hahaha Hey, you! Yeah, YOU! Yeah, I'm talkin to ya. Don't look around. I saw ya sneakin out of the huddle. Bring your tail back here for a good game! Or would ya just settle for a high five?


Blogger Infurnus Fila said...


It's kinda hard to see on DA but...I wanted to see what you did to your line art. The cleaned up was in a pale dark blue but the finished coloured work looked like you'd changed the colours of the line art and if so and if you're not too busy could you tell me how? Cause I'd really like to know^_^ I only just started to learn to use photoshop on the tail end of my just recently graduated animation course and that was just for backgrounds. So anything you can add to that small base would be well appreciated^_^

8:13 AM  
Blogger Garrett Shikuma said...

Hey Sean! Man I love your work! Especially how dynamic/appealing your shapes are! That's something I'm always trying to "plus" in my own work.
Keep up the great work!


12:48 PM  
Blogger St John Street said...

Man Cheeks love the angles u find to show mood LOVE IT!!!!! Yes right now I wanted just get away but couldn't even though sucks oh well your art will more than do 4 now peace bro 1

11:33 PM  

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