Tuesday, February 21, 2006

geta offa mya backa, dude!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp... dang, gang... It's been too long for me to have fun drawing personal pieces other than work-related stuff. I guess a phone call from Spidey today threatening me to draw him helped a bit too. He said he'd sick Venom on me, and keep his back turned while I was pummled. Curse you Webhead! CURSE YOU!!!! hahahaThanx for the help for Venom's spider, kitten -3-Hope y'all digs!Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


Blogger Paul Gutierrez said...

Sean this is TIIIGHT!! It's tighter then my whitey tighties!! errr...I don't think I was supposed to say that last line out loud. Love your takes on SPider and Venom. Inspirational work Sean!!

7:44 PM  
Blogger Lui said...

Great work, really. Normally I follow your work on DA,from now I'll also check yours blog.
Only one question ... "zoiinks!" comes from Zack mc Kraken, right?

1:12 AM  
Blogger chamba said...

yah kno.. this maye sound weird but i didn't get to say it on DA.. but i realy like the way ya did the ground..


3:10 AM  
Blogger Cooked Art said...

crap man..

I've always loved the way you do spidey...

2:23 AM  
Blogger Ray-Anthony Height said...

I TOLD ya' that your Spidey was totally wicked!! Man, I would buy an issue of your Spidey in a heartbeat!!


6:22 PM  
Blogger Cheeks said...

haha thanx, everyone! DUDE,Ray, you know I am dying to buy one of your Spidey issues Get on it, so I can buy one! ;)

10:40 AM  

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